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NetSTAR Introduces PhishCompass - A Powerful Real Time Phishing Protection Tool


NetSTAR takes full advantage of AI for real time protection and phishing detection with the use of PhishCompass


Protection from different types of online attacks, especially phishing, should be a top priority of individuals and businesses. A single phishing attack could cost a business millions or permanently close it down as the attack could steal financial information as well as wipe out important information. Powerful security measures should be in place to prevent any type of attack.


When it comes to protection from potential attacks, one of the leaders in the industry especially on phishing scams is NetSTAR. Known for developing SDKs for threat detection and related services, it has also pushed the envelope when it comes to user protection with the use of the latest technology.


PhishCompass - Real Time Protection and Detection


NetSTAR recently announced the availability of PhishCompass which is a real time phishing detection tool that can be used for different types of deployment. It aims to completely wipe out potential threats before any danger presents itself that could ultimately cause harm with monetary and productivity implications.


PhishCompass takes advantage of AI for threat detection and the AI is deployed in three types of detection: checking of domain strings, HTML and visual checking of the website itself. While AI itself is useless unless backed by extensive information to determine the threat level, NetSTAR takes full advantage of its extensive partner connection to build a massive list of potential threats.


AI’s use of visual website validation also takes the security to the next level. Instead of simply checking the code for potential threats, AI makes a visual validation to ensure that the website is actually reputable.


The three-factor validation by PhishCompass is done in real time which means users are constantly protected and alerted for potential dangers. This will also provide administrators a clear picture on the frequency of attacks and its source so it could formulate additional security protocols.


Ease of Protection Implementation


NetSTAR’s PhishCompass is already streamlined to work with their existing security tools. As it could easily work with other tools from NetSTAR, network security administrators can create a powerful protection protocol not only in preventing threats but also in analysis for increase in protection. Network administrators may know a threat has been prevented with basic protection tools but additional information about the attack could create a clearer picture of its source that could be used for additional security.


In addition to the availability of PhishCompass and ability to integrate to current tools from NetSTAR, ease of deployment and access is also given priority. Instead of traditional tools that require installation, network administrators can access NetSTAR tools through web-based apps as it takes full advantage of cloud implementation. This setup allows administrators ease of access as it could check relevant information in most devices without location restriction.


Building a strong network protection from possible attacks from the ground up is a challenging task especially for network administrators of large companies. NetSTAR removes the guesswork with immediate and easy deployment of tools. The addition of PhishCompass is a welcome upgrade to the existing library of security tools from NetSTAR that simplifies deployment, monitoring and analysis for network administrators.

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