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About Network UG Network Is Your Go-To Source For All IP-Address-Related Services!

Our Story

In 2010, was officially launched after Michael Paul purchased the domain the same year. While the domain was registered as early as 1999, it was only through Michael’s recognition of its potential that the website finally made its presence felt.


As one of the most important factors that ensures the stability of the internet as well as local network communication, more and more visitors have noticed the importance of the website.


By 2013, the website traffic doubled - a testament to its rapid growth and importance to more and more online users.


Aside from setting up a website dedicated to IP addresses, continues to adapt to market demands. As the site continues to educate more and more people about the importance of IP address, the site also comes with valuable tools such as email tracing through IP Address, Reverse IP Lookup and the basic IP address tracking. Advanced tools as required by businesses with additional IP-based needs are also available.


In 2014, reached another milestone - Network UG was established. The site is now under Network UG with increased services and capabilities. The site continues delivering its services to individuals but it has also expanded to businesses from various sectors. As the importance of online security takes center stage in recent years, more and more businesses have sought the services of established online companies and continues to prove its capabilities to clients.

Currently the site gets almost 3 million monthly visitors and over 4.5 million monthly page views; making it the go-to source for IP related services.

Whether you’re an individual or a business in need of IP-based services, has the capability and experience to deliver.


With years of experience specifically in IP-based services, the website has adapted to growth of the IT industry. If you’re in need of a specific IP-based service, browse through the site and don’t hesitate to learn more about what can do for you.


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