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Meta Uncovers Many AI Spies On Facebook & Instagram Of Italian Origin

 Meta recently announced that it has purged hundreds of AI profiles meant to entice targets and reveal their IP addresses.


Targeting individuals, companies or groups to steal their information online is nothing new. From acquiring the target’s IP address that will ultimately lead to access to other personal information, groups with bad intentions often look for ways to get the information they want. While different types of protection exist, the type of attacks has also unfortunately evolved. It’s always a must to be vigilant to prevent any type of hacking even with all the security protocols in place.


Another reason to be vigilant online: an AI spyware that acts like a normal profile in social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. The ultimate goal of these spywares is to infiltrate targets and completely monitor their activities without consent.


Gens AI As A Spying Tool


According to Forbes, a spyware group out of Italy has created hundreds of AI profiles meant to trick individuals to think these are just normal social media profiles. The spyware group is using a tool called Gens AI and it could easily generate a profile by simply providing it basic details.


The profiles created through the AI tool are not just your normal social media accounts. These accounts pose as reporters or even good looking individuals especially women and their aim is to entice the social media user to click on the link. These links come with code that can detect the user’s IP address which eventually leads to illegal spying.


Gens AI was created by RCS Lab and it’s not the first time their name was associated with spying. Google has also reported that the same company has their own tool that targets mobile devices specifically Android and iOS devices. It has the same aim but a different tool.


Fortunately, this type of AI was already detected by Meta and has already purged these accounts. The report also says that this type of AI was targeting specific individuals in “Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia” engaged in anti-government politics and activities.


Meta reporting on this type of attack and actively purging them is a good move towards creating safer social media websites. However, it should be used as a warning for everyone that this is already existing and anything could just be another AI waiting for someone to get duped so that their personal information could be stolen.


Being Proactive With Additional Tools Online


Online security should be in everyone’s mind. While on social media websites, it’s always advisable to avoid clicking on websites that look suspicious even though they are recommended by someone you know. Avoiding any suspicious websites used to be recommended for those who have online financial transactions but since almost everyone has some type of personal information online, everyone should be on high alert especially on personal security.


The latest report on AI tools that create profiles for spyware purposes should be a stern warning about everyone. While IP based attacks can be prevented with the right tools in place, it always pays to be extra careful. Attacks may be evolving but observing basic online security protocols can prevent security concerns.

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