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IPv4.Global Wins Gold Merit Award

IPv4.Global Receives Gold Merit Award from Merit Awards for Telecom with their Innovation as a Public IPv4 Marketplace

IPv4.Global is an online marketplace for buying, selling and leasing of IPv4 addresses. Part of Hilco Streambank, it is one of the world’s top marketplace of its kind as it continues to grow not only through its customer base but also through their award winning innovations.

Recently, IPv4.Global received a Gold Merit Award from Merit Awards. The Merit Awards is an independent award giving body whose aim is to give recognition to companies in various sectors who have championed innovations as well as practicing the said innovation. Awards are given to various sectors and awards could be given in Bronze, Silver and Gold. In the telecom category, IPv4.Global has received the highest award possible as it fosters incredible innovation in the world of public IPv4 transactions.

IPv4.Global has tackled the challenge of public IPv4 marketplace head-on. As the demand for IPv4 is increasing thanks to its skyrocketing demands against a limited resource, it is important that a marketplace for such a valuable resource should provide as much information as possible to any potential buyer or leaser. IPv4.Global’s marketplace addresses this problem by providing the necessary information the client needs. It’s always a challenge to purchase a public IPv4 address but additional information makes the decision easier and transaction faster.

But aside from transparency, IPv4.Global also offers a unique solution to those who want to purchase an IP address from their online store - a tool called ReView. It is basically an auditing tool about the IP address. Instead of the tedious task of research and testing before any purchase, ReView simplifies the transactions by providing the much needed information beforehand. It’s a perfect tool for decision making because public IPv4 addresses nowadays are very costly.

Through ReView, a public IPv4 address could be checked against utilization in order to determine if there are still unused blocks. The tool can also determine if there are excess blocks that could be utilized or even sold. Instead of learning about the purchased IPv4 address while in use, ReView provides a detailed description of the purchased address. These innovations put forward, according to their recent press release, practically transforms the marketplace as it provides a “consultative approach” as it educates the buyer on the upcoming transaction.

The combination of IPv4.Global’s transparency in their transaction with ReView has placed the marketplace in a significant position not only in attracting potential clients but also leading the way of innovation. While it does require resources to ensure clients will receive the necessary information and more, helping clients know about their purchase with the potential to grow will only benefit both sides.

Public IPv4 address transactions are always highly technical and resource heavy transactions and a lot could be lost if it is not properly handled. Buying without learning more about the product should be avoided at all cost especially in this type of transaction. The right marketplace with the right tool and approach could ease such challenges. For this reason, IPv4.Global was given recognition from the Merit Awards.

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