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Google Chrome Canary Now Has A New IP Masking Feature To Hide IP Addresses

Google Chrome Canary now comes with “IP Protection” feature allowing users to hide their IP address with the use of privacy servers.


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Online privacy, especially the protection of an individual’s IP address is a must for every user given the ever increasing danger of attacks online. As sensitive personal and financial information are stored online through apps and websites, it’s always a possibility that information like this will be stolen and used without permission. Protecting your IP address is highly recommended to limit this type of attack.


Because of the possibility of an online attack, privacy focused apps and software such as VPNs are increasing in popularity. But using privacy apps and software often come at a price and free versions will definitely slow down internet browsing.


IP Privacy By Default In Regular Google Chrome?


The increasing need to protect users from online attacks is not a secret to internet companies as some have already created features related to protecting a users privacy especially the users’ IP address. For example, WhatsApp has recently rolled out an IP protection feature that shield’s an individual's IP address whenever a phone call is made. This feature prevents IP detection because the call goes through WhatsApp servers. It’s a small but a welcome feature especially for WhatsApp users worldwide.


Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers in the world, could soon come with this type of privacy feature. According to MS Power User, the developer version of Chrome known as Chrome Canary already comes with an option to hide the user's IP Address. The feature can be activated within the browser’s settings menu. Instead of revealing the user’s actual IP address to the website, the request will go through a “privacy server” which will provide a different type of IP address to the requesting website.


Sounds simple enough but it’s always important to take note that it’s still in Chrome Canary. This type of browser is built for developers and updated constantly as it's used to test out different types of upcoming features before it is actually released to the regular Chrome browser.


Factors To Consider Before Using The IP Hiding Feature In Google Chrome Canary


A Chrome browser that comes with an IP address hiding feature by default is a very welcome feature and it’s actually available to download right now. However, before jumping in to download Google Chrome Canary, there are possible factors every user needs to consider.


The fact that it’s still on Google Chrome Canary should cause one to pause. It’s still an experimental feature and there’s no assurance that it will offer complete privacy. Those opting to use this feature to hide their country and take advantage of features offered in another country should stay away from this version for now and opt for paid VPNs instead.


Aside from hiding the user’s IP address only to some extent, it’s also possible that internet speed will significantly slow down. Since data requests to a specific website will have to go through a privacy server to protect the user’s IP address, internet speed should take a hit especially on experimental features.


Hiding your IP address through Google Chrome Canary is already available. But it should be used with caution as it's still in its early stages. Hopefully, this feature will continue to be developed and eventually move to regular Chrome for public use.

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